Agility Photos

The following photos were taken by Tien Tran at the Evergreen Golden Retriever Club Agility Trial,

June 17 2000


wpe35.jpg (29472 bytes)



wpe38.jpg (31510 bytes)



wpe39.jpg (27894 bytes)



wpe3A.jpg (30530 bytes)


Squid and I completed two agility titles in two weekends:   NA and NAJ.  This is seen by experienced handlers as an impressive accomplishment. Now, we are in a class demanding strong handling skills, and the handler (that's me!) needs to refine those skills in order to qualify toward an Open title. While we did not qualify during the Evergreen trials, it was exciting to experience  the growth of trust and  joy in our partnership during these runs. It was a fantastic weekend.

Thank you, Tien Tran, for capturing our moments together.





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