The Ibizan Hound: The Spanish Standard

acquired from the Club of Madrid, 1930


Head: Long and narrow in the form of a sharp pointed cone cut near its base, extremely lean.

Skull: Long and flat, occipital bone prominent, frontal depression or stop very little defined, narrow brow.

Ears: Always rigid, directed towards the front, horizontall or backwards. upwards when the dog is excited, very mobile; the center of the base is situated at the level of the eyes in the form of an elongated rhomboid, cut at one third of its longest diagonal, delicate, preferably short without hair in the inside.

Eyes: Oblique and small, of clear amber color, looking like caramel, very intelligent look, but not very noble.

Nose:Lightly convex, the length from the eyes to the point of mulle is equal to the distance between the eyes and occipital bone.

Muzzle: Prominent, stretches beyond the lower jawbone, of a flesh color harmonizing with the coat, nostrils open.

Jaws: Very strong and lean

Lips: Delicate and hidden.

Teeth: In perfect opposition, white and very even.

Neck: Very lean, long and slightly arched.

Withers: Detached.

Shoulders: Oblique.

Spine: Straight.

Hips: Arched and of medium width.

Rump: Sloping.

Tail: Long, passing between the legs, it ought to stretch as far as the spinal column, low base, upright; in repose falls natural; in action, in the form of a short sickle and at times erect but never curled in a circle.

Chest: Deep, narrow and long; breastbone forming a sharp pointed angle, very prominent, flat rib cage.

Waist: Contracted.

Front Legs: Very long legs, straight, strong and very close together. Pasterns are straight, strong, wide on the interior side.

Back Legs: Long thigghs, strong and lean; hocks elbowed. Wide and close to the ground.

Paws: Hare type, pads large and close together, interdigital spaces well covered with hair. Claws very strong and generally white, sometimes the color of the hair, very hard surface.

Coat: Smooth, wire and long but in the latter case, rough. Thick hair shorter on the head and on the ears and longer on the backside of thighs and inside of tail.

Color: White and red, white and lion or one single color, white, red or lion. Red or lion is preferable and all other colors are excluded.

Height: For the male, 60-66 centimeters and for the bitches 57-63 centimeters.

Weight: for the male approximately 22.5 kilos, and for the bitches 19 kilos.

Defects: Bent ears; dark eyes; teeth that do not meet properly; breastbone that is very poorly defined; front legs that are separated or have defined line to the inside part of the pasterns; front paws directed outwards; wide hips; wide rump; rounded thighs; wide and bulging veins.

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